Condom Texas Catheter

What are Condom or Texas Catheters

Unlike traditional catheters that need to be placed inside the urethra, a condom catheter is placed on the outer surface of the male excretory organ. A condom catheter consists of a flexible rubbery sheath that wraps around the surface of the penis, just like a condom. The tip of the catheter is connected to a urine storage bag through a tube.

Condom catheters are designed for men suffering from urinary incontinence due to any physical disability, injury, and old-age, or even advance-level Alzheimer’s. These catheters are simple and easy to use (since they only need to be rolled up the excretory organ). Here are a few instructions on how to apply a condom catheter and how to care for it:

Applying the Catheter

Before applying a condom catheter, you need to collect the following items:

  • A bath towel or waterproof pad
  • Soap, hand towel, washcloth and a bowl of warm water
  • The correct size of the catheter (small, medium, large or extra large)
  • A Velcro, tape or any other type of material to hold the sheath

Once you have gathered all the equipment, you need to follow the instructions below to place the catheter safely:

  • Place the absorbent pad underneath the patient, if he is bed- or wheelchair-ridden
  • Wash the penis with water and soap and gently wipe it dry
  • Shave off any pubic hair as they are likely to cause discomfort
  • Make sure to check for any reddened skin or rashes on the penis’s skin
  • Hold the organ at a 90 degree angle and roll over the catheter
  • Leave up to an inch of the catheter towards both ends of the penis
  • Gently connect the catheter tip to the urine bag
  • Make sure that the catheter is not twisted at any end
  • Secure the urine bag just below the knee with a Velcro or tape
  • Wash your hands before and after placing the condom catheter

Caring for the Catheter

Catheter care is just as important as using one. The penis is the most sensitive organ in the male body. The organ is not only susceptible to physical damage; it is also prone to a number of internal infections, diseases and microbes. Hence, condom catheter users need to take good care of both the urine bag as well as the urinary organ. Here are a few tips and tricks to do just that:

  • Apply a new condom catheter every day
  • Make sure to wash your hands before and after the catheter application
  • Remove your catheter and thoroughly wash and clean your organ at least once a day
  • If you intend to reuse the urine bag, make sure to clean it with soap and water weekly
  • Empty your urine bag when it is 2/3rd full
  • Contact your doctor, if you experience any of the following:
  • Thick and mucus-prone urine
  • Reddened, purplish or swollen penis
  • Strong urea scent in the urine
  • Burning sensation in your bladder or abdomen
  • Any other discomfort in your lower abdomen