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Mitrofanoff Catheterization

The Mitrofanoff catheterization procedure is a special type of medical intervention which creates a passage through the abdomen wall to reach the bladder. A special catheter is then inserted in the passage to eliminate the urine. The Mitrofanoff procedure is ideal for patients who cannot be catheterized with normal catheters, through the urethra. This catheterization […]

Catheters – a brief history

Catheters, as we know them, are high-tech medical devices used in specific medical settings. These highly specialized tools are now available in all hospitals across the country, where doctors use them to treat a variety of medical conditions. The catheter industry is constantly evolving, and now there are tens of types of catheters, depending on […]

Risks of reusing catheters

Up until the mid-1940s, catheters were made of vulcanized rubber or latex and were often used repeatedly on multiple patients, depending on the medical situation. It was not uncommon to wash, sterilize and reuse catheters for several years. In fact, metal catheters, although not used for centuries, were made of precious metals to help and […]

Urinary tract infections during catheterization

Urinary tract infections are the most common infections for catheterized patients. This medical condition is caused by various strain of bacteria who penetrate the skin or mucous tissue through lesions or trauma spots. There are several symptoms common for this conditions, so pay attention to any of these when they occur for more than three […]

Ordering Catheters Online

With the rise of online marketing as well as online businesses, more and more customers are now looking for an easy mode of delivery for their products. Similarly, companies are making use of effective delivery channels to deliver products to the customers, directly to their doorstep. This saves their customers’ time and hassle to go […]

Catheters – How and Where to Get Them?

Choosing the right urinary catheter is as personal as the reason why you are opting for one. You simply cannot leave anything to chance. If you select the wrong catheter, you will not only end up losing your money but also be exposed to many Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) as the catheter plastic will come […]

Insurance Covered Catheters

Purchasing a disposable urinary incontinence product is a costly affair. Patients and their caregivers end up spending hundreds and thousands of dollars, per annum, on buying catheters alone. Many of them are unaware of insurance offers that enable them to reimburse and obtain waivers on account of all purchase costs. There are some instances in […]

How to Use a Catheter Bag

The Foley catheter is a polymer tube, attached to a urine bag, which is used to drain urine from the bladder. It is widely used by individuals suffering from urinary incontinences or any other urological or gynecological condition that it makes it difficult for them to urinate. The catheter is placed on to the bladder […]