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How to Remove a Catheter

A catheter is a thin, flexible and hollow tube that creates a passageway for urine to drain out of the bladder and into a drainage bag. Catheters are often administered at health care facilities, but using a catheter at home has become quite common in recent years as it is quite easy to use. However, […]

How To Use An Indwelling Catheter

Indwelling Urinary Catheters An indwelling catheter is applied the same way as an intermittent catheter. However, such catheters are not removed after urination and are left in their place. The indwelling (Foley) catheter is held in place with the help of a small water-filled balloon, which prevents it from falling out of its place. Urine […]

How to Use a Catheter

A catheter is a thin, hollow piping that is used in a wide range of surgical procedures and during the treatment of diseases. Generally speaking, the catheter use will depend entirely upon the type of application that it is being employed for. The most common application of a catheter is for urinary infections and its […]

Catheters – An Introduction

What are catheters?  A catheter is a medical device resembling a thin, hollow tube that is either flexible or rigid. Catheters are made from medical grade materials and offer a broad range of applications. These medical instruments are are manufactured in order to be used for various applications, including but not limited to cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, […]

What Are Foley Catheters?

A Foley catheter is a flexible rubber tube that passes through the urethra into the bladder. These catheters help in draining urine from the bladder into an external urine bag (leg bag), which can then be emptied into the toilet. A Foley catheter has two separate channels called lumens. One of these lumens is open […]

What is a Coude Catheter

Coude is the French word for elbow. Much like an elbow, the coude catheter has a slight bend in it. This bend allows for an easier insertion into the urethra and an easier navigation around the prostate and finally into the bladder. For those with blockage this can be a game changer. The only downside […]

What are Condom or Texas Catheters

Unlike traditional catheters that need to be placed inside the urethra, a condom catheter is placed on the outer surface of the male excretory organ. A condom catheter consists of a flexible rubbery sheath that wraps around the surface of the penis, just like a condom. The tip of the catheter is connected to a […]

What Are Intermittent Catheters

Clean Intermittent Catheter (or CIC) is a device that is specifically designed for young boys and men suffering from urinary incontinences, weak and runny bladder, or a weak prostate gland. Instead of running to the washroom often or worrying about getting your clothes dirty, you can easily attach a CIC to your urinary organ and […]

How Catheters Improve Your Health

Urinary catheters are medical devices widely used in emptying the bladder when the body fails to do so naturally. A typical catheter consists of a rubber or latex tube connected to a urine bag. The tube is attached to your bladder, allowing urine to drain directly from the bladder into the disposal bag. For men, […]