Catheters Improve Your Health

How Catheters Improve Your Health

Urinary catheters are medical devices widely used in emptying the bladder when the body fails to do so naturally. A typical catheter consists of a rubber or latex tube connected to a urine bag. The tube is attached to your bladder, allowing urine to drain directly from the bladder into the disposal bag.

For men, external catheters are also available. A typical external catheter consists of a rubber sheath (similar to a condom). The tip of the sheath is connected to a urine bag with the help of a tube. Urine flows directly into the urine bag from the urinary organ. The sheath and the urine bag can be easily secured by the means of catheter tapes (contained in the kit).

From a medical perspective, a catheter offers several health benefits. The procedure is fairly simple once you get the hang of things. A catheter is usually recommended by a physician and is administered at a hospital or a clinic by an expert – rendering the overall application process safe and easy. Even six to eight year-olds can use it nowadays!

Effective Urine Removal

The first and foremost health benefit of a catheter is its ability to drain your bladder and remove urine completely. For patients suffering from urinary incontinences or having difficulty urinating, catheters assist  removing the urine without any troubles. An intermittent catheter is attached to your bladder that provides an alternate path for urine, instead of your urethra. Timely removal of urine helps remove all toxins and metabolic waste from your body.

Painless Procedure

There are many individuals who suffer from stones, enlarged prostate or bladder cancers that make urination a painful process. Several women experience urine-related pain after childbirth. Most of the doctors and physicians recommend catheters for such individuals. A catheter effectively removes urine from your body, without causing any pain or discomfort. This means that you need not worry about urination when using a catheter.

Free from Infection

One of the biggest challenges of using a catheter is that such devices are prone to infections. The damp tube provides a warm and moist area for bacteria to grow. However, if you clean your catheter on a regular basis and dispose the urine bag frequently, you can keep yourself safe from all these bacteria. In addition, catheters help protect your body against a number of urinary tract infections by providing a regular outflow of urine. Since the excretory fluid no longer accumulates within your body, all bacteria and toxins will drain out.

Managing Fluid Content

By ensuring timely removal of urine, without any hassle, catheters regulate your body fluid and blood plasma content. This helps in maintaining the pH level of your blood and ensures that all enzymes within your body work at optimal efficiency. Regular excretion of toxins also helps in boosting your immunity system, improving cell functioning and division and in repairing all body injuries and accelerating the recovery process.