Medical Supplies Home Delivery

Ordering Catheters Online

With the rise of online marketing as well as online businesses, more and more customers are now looking for an easy mode of delivery for their products. Similarly, companies are making use of effective delivery channels to deliver products to the customers, directly to their doorstep. This saves their customers’ time and hassle to go all the way to the store.

Medical supplies are no exception to this business. Previously, finding the right catheter supplies for patients suffering from urinary incontinence required frequent visits to a medical store, with all the documents. Now, online delivery has made life easier for both patients and the suppliers.

Catheters Delivered to Your Home

Urinary catheters are recommended for individuals suffering from urinary incontinence. A typical catheter consists of a long rubber or silicone tube that is either inserted into the bladder or attached on the external surface of the urinary organ. The tube drains urine out of the body.

For those suffering from urinary incontinence, almost every day is a struggle. From finding the right catheter to applying it, removing it and repurchasing a new one – there are several factors to consider (all the while holding on to your bladder!)

When it comes to catheters, there is nothing better than free-of-cost home delivery services. The process is much simpler and hassle-free and offers several benefits over conventional catheter shopping. Some of these advantages include:

Peace of Mind

Instead of going out of your comfort zone and worrying about a leaky bladder, why not scroll through your computer, tablet or smartphone screen and find a catheter that suits your needs? Shopping for catheters online gives you the peace of mind that you deserve. The best suppliers contain a wide variety of catheter supplies that are well-suited for all your needs.

Better Variety

Catheters come in different designs and sizes. There is no one-size-for-all in catheters. Similarly, men and women have different urinary organs and require different catheters. Shopping online allows you to check out a wide variety of catheters and make the smartest choice. Even if there is a shortage of stock, the website will inform you on a proactive basis instead of making you walk/drive all the way to the store to find out about it. 

Medical Advice

Most of the catheter home delivery services are not only licensed and registered; they also have access to a medical panel that offers online consultation. The physicians conduct interviews and consultations over the internet, identify your catheter needs and recommend the best course of action. Simply sign up with their websites and receive a free consultation.

Medicare Assistance

Leading catheter supplies providers, such as Catheter Supply Co, offer Medicare catheters. Under your Medicare plan, you can purchase up to 200 catheters per month, which will be delivered to your doorstep without any shipment of delivery charges. The catheter purchase price will also be waived off and covered under your insurance plan.

Nationwide Outreach

Like all other online businesses, online catheter supplies are not geographically-bound either. Companies offer quality catheters across all cities and states in the US. There are no hidden charges or overheads involved. This is one of the greatest privileges you can enjoy – having the right catheter delivered to your doorstep, without spending a single dollar!

Free-of-Cost Delivery

Most of the catheter dealers offer delivery services, free of cost. This means that the price listed on the vendor’s site is full and final. There are no additional shipment charges. You can save up on your conveyance and fuel charges by preventing those trips to the medical store by ordering catheters online.

Insurance in-transit

Since the responsibility of delivery lies on the vendor, they take drastic steps to ensure that your products are delivered in one piece. This includes insurance in-transit and other types of insurances that guarantee safe delivery, without any damage. 

Warranties and Guarantees

Some online catheter supplying businesses also offer product warranties on unsatisfactory performance. If the catheter is leaky, unfit or has some other designing faults, online delivery vendors offer 100% money back guarantee. The refund procedure is the same as the payment one, whereby the refund is directly credited to your account.

Ease of Use

Home delivery has now become the most preferred way of shopping by all customers. It allows patients to shop for catheters of their choice and have them delivered at their doorstep, without even leaving the comfort of their couch.